How to Save Energy in the Workplace

Running a business is not easy at all. Things may go smoothly for a while but you can never slack off. You need to consistently give it your best, constantly think of ways to strategize, innovate, improve and adapt to change. Even if your business is already generating enough revenue for you to say that things are going well, you still need to continue trying to save money for the rainy days. In order for the company to truly succeed, expand and growth, money remains essential. One of the things on which you can easily save thousands of dollars on yearly, is energy.

Electricity is constantly used in the workplace and it’s inevitable that each day, energy is consumed. Especially in workshops were you use heavy machinery, a lot of energy is being used all ready. However, even as your company grows, you don’t necessarily have to spend as much on electricity bills if you know how to save energy. Yes, there are some things that are pretty obvious such as turning off lights, air-conditioners or heaters when not in use but there are other little and big moves you can actually do to save even more energy.

You can start by switching to LED lights in the office.If you still have fluorescent lights, incandescent bulbs and other sources of light that consume much energy, it’s time to switch to LED. Not only do these consume less electricity, it produces less heat as well. When you have so many lights on throughout the day, it could get warm in the office and you need to turn up the air-conditioners. This is not case with LED lights as it wouldn’t go hot even after a long day’s use.

You must also implement turning off printers when not in use. You can even lessen the number of printers in your office by making sure that your employees don’t print unnecessary documents. If letters can be sent via email or if a file can be shared through a flash drive or a local network folder, then that should be done instead of printing them all out. Not only will this save energy, you are also being friendly to Mother Nature because you are saving on paper.

Programmable Thermostat.pngInstalling a programmable thermostat in each room of your office is another effective way to save energy. A programmable thermostat adjusts the temperature of a room according throughout the day. Perhaps you can program it the temperature to stay warm in the morning when everyone’s just getting in and colder at noon when the sun is up high. In the afternoon when it’s no longer too hot, it’s time to turn the temperature up again. We found a programmable thermostat at Thermostat Center that can easily save a few hundred dollars on your monthly electric bill especially if you operate a rather large office.

Having automatic sensor lights are also great in saving energy. No one ever has to forget turning off the light in the restroom again or after everyone leaves the conference room. There are lights that may be installed that automatically turns on when someone enters a room and turns off when there are no longer any people around.