Five Things You Should Not Do When Meeting Your Girl’s Parents

When you are finally meeting the parents of your girlfriend or a lady you are trying to pursue, you have to put on an impressive front. Although we live in the modern times when parental approval is almost no longer required, you know you’re in a good relationship if your girl’s parents like you. Besides, if you don’t care about getting her parents’ approval, then you probably don’t like or love her that much! Yes, you aren’t going to be in a relationship with her parents; you will be with her. But her parents play an important role in her life and you need to at least make a good impression so that they can feel confident that their daughter is going out with a good man.

Now there are so many lists that have been created on what you have to do to be impressive. If the meeting takes place at your house, make sure the place is clutterfree and clean. Remove stains from your sofa and carpet and open the windows before they come over so it smells like fresh air. This list briefly tells you 5 things you must not do or avoid doing when meeting your girlfriend’s parents especially if it’s for the first time.

1. Do not wear informal clothing.

Aviator Sunglasses Review12You don’t have to be in a suit and tie but you need to at least look presentable. It’s not like you’re applying for a job but you can’t show up wearing what you wore yesterday or when you got out of bed. You may look dashing wearing every fashion trend under the sun, but if your going for a pair of men sunglasses, please take them off when you’re speaking with your girl’s parents. Remove your cap or hat. Show respect.

2. Do not curse.

Even if it’s just used as an expression, never say curse words. When you’re caught by surprise and you’re used to saying foul words, just for this day, try to avoid that. It’s easy. You just have to behave. Would you curse in front of your parents? No? Then don’t curse in front of your girl’s parents. And we don’t care if you’re 15 or 50. You are not allowed to curse.

3. Do not talk about your misadventures with your girlfriend.

Your girlfriend’s dad will probably ask you to tell stories of how you and his daughter met and what you do when you go out. Talk about the good things and just leave out those drunken nights or the time you tried to smoke for the first time together. While it’s best to be honest, you don’t have to tell everything.

4. Do not lie.

Being caught in a lie just because you’re trying so hard to be impressive is such a deep hole that is difficult to get out of. Be yourself. If you’re not confident about some pieces of information, leave it out; but do not lie no matter what.

5. Do not share too much information. Let their daughter do the talking.

Don’t be too talkative because you might come out as arrogant. Answer questions and try to engage in a conversation but don’t talk when you’re not being asked. Let your girlfriend do that talking. It’s her family anyway.