How To Breathe New Life Into Dirty And Worn Out Items

With all that dirt, debris, pollens, mildew and algae spores flying around in the air, chances are your driveways, deck, stairways, patios, and even the walls will get accumulated with filth, grime and dirt quickly. Once this dirt and mildew or algae sets in the walls or other items in your home, it will make your home look like trash. You can use a bucket of water, some touch detergents and a powerful brush to clean all this mess away, but chances are you will not be able to make it look like new again. If you want to breathe new life into the dirty and worn out items/parts of your home, you will need more than just a cleaning brush and a garden hose.

Gas Pressure Washer

Gas Pressure WasherTougher cleaning jobs require tougher cleaning machines, and there is none tougher than a gas pressure washer. Although you may be able to find their electrical cousins in the market, but the gas-powered pressure washers offer twice the cleaning power, this is one of the main reasons that you will find these models in the big retails stores.

These heavy-duty washers rely on a gas engine, a pump and a concentrating nozzle to boost water pressure. The water coming out of the nozzle of a gas pressure washer is almost 60 times more powerful than the one coming out from your garden hose. The gas-powered washers pump out 2000 to 2800 pounds per square inch of water from the concentrating nozzle. It is this pressurized water stream that can blast away even the toughest driveway stains, deck mildew, and other grunge from any surface and make it look like new once again. You can use your gas pressure washer to clean chairs, siding, walls, toys, gardening tools, and even your cars and trucks quickly and easily. Wash Wisely showed us that there’s no need to take your car to a professional auto cleaning shop and spend hundreds of dollars to get it washed, when you can do a much better cleaning job by yourself by buying a gas pressure washer.

Although the gas pressure washers offer more pressure and power than the electric ones, but with this added power and pressure comes more responsibility to use them with caution. More pressure can sometimes damage the item you are cleaning or even hurt you badly if mishandled.