The Controversy of SawStop Technology

All of us depend on the aid of tools to help us do the jobs we can’t perform alone, and we’re surely using tools as well. However, all the products around us are dangerous to some extent, and some tools are really perilous for they can even be life threatening. One of the tools that falls into the domain of extremely dangerous tools is table saw. No doubt it is one of the most splendid and frequently used tools out there, but its functionality and accuracy comes at the price of a high risk and due to the uprising trend of do-it-yourself due to which around 3000 U.S citizens cut their fingers off and the cause obviously is the table saw. Someone came up with the technology that could stop a saw as soon as it comes in contact with flesh. It sounds like a fabulous invention at first but there are a number of doubts regarding the reality behind this invention.

The Mechanism

table saws
Table saws have a blade that rotates at thousands of rpm and its size is the same as a plate. At such high speeds, the blade is even hard to see and its sharp edges are life threatening when they have such impetus. At The Sharp Cut they say the guard is not enough to protect you all the time and if you lose focus just for a millisecond, you can end up losing your fingers even before you realize it or feel any pain.

The sawstop technology works by inducing a small electrical current in the blade that is detected by a microcontroller chip inside the saw and this mechanism works on the fact that human body is conductive while wood doesn’t conduct any current. Whenever any flesh comes into contact with the blade, it conducts current which changes the signal being detected by the chip. As soon as the chip detects a change in current, it activates the safety mechanism which doesn’t just stop the blade, it pulls the blade downwards away from the hand of a person. This eliminates chances of any injury that might occur from carelessness, saving a lot of fingers and sparing you from a lifetime of regret too. This process is so quick that it only takes thousandth of a second to pull the blade away from your hand.

The Problem

The main issue that most of the professionals have is that the inventor of this technology has been trying to sue companies who wouldn’t incorporate his mechanism in their table saws. Most of the manufacturers believe that adding such a feature is not worth the cost it will add to the saw and people will be reluctant about spending a lot more money on such a feature while the inventor believes that human lives and health shouldn’t be taken so frivolously and that is why he sued many companies. Today, saws with this technology can be found in market and those who can afford such saws should consider spending in them because indeed, such a mechanism can actually be a bliss in critical situations.