Things and Areas Around Your Home that Need Regular Maintenance

While it’s just right for you to clean your home every single day, there are things you just won’t be able to give focus on daily because it takes time. After all, there are parts of your home that don’t require daily or even weekly cleaning. You just need to have a checklist of things that need regular maintenance. To avoid missing out or forgetting important areas that need maintenance, it is best to create a monthly or yearly schedule. Here are things and areas around your home that need regular cleaning or maintenance.

1. Mattresses

While you can probably wash sheets and pillowcases every week, mattresses don’t need to be cleaned as often as that. Schedule mattress cleaning once a year to get rid of accumulated dirt, dust and bacteria.

2. Ceilings, carpets and walls

Mopping the floor is easy and you can do that daily. When you have carpet or rugs, you can vacuum as often as you like but you might need to clean them more thoroughly once in a while. But if you have to take a ladder every time just to clean walls and ceilings, that could somehow be difficult. It would be best if you could schedule cleaning of walls and ceilings at least once or twice a year. Dust and dirt also accumulates in these areas so it needs to be cleaned. However, if you clean it way too often, it may be damaged or the paint will dull down.

3. Curtains

Curtains need to be washed at least every quarter of the year. Some households even wait for around six months before curtains are washed. Curtains can accumulate dust too which could be very harmful to the health. However, if windows are closed at all times, there won’t be as much dust so twice a year can be okay.

Best Garbage Disposal4. Garbage disposal

Depending on the instructions on the garbage disposal you have purchased, maintenance and cleaning should be done every 3 or 6 months. However, you can still use a steam cleaner so that there will be no odor or dirt building up inside. Besides that, there are more tips and things to consider when cleaning your garbage disposal. Everything you need to think about is conveniently listed by Down the Sink.

5. Roof

Cleaning should be done at least once a year but repainting of your roof can be every 5 or 10 years. Some roof painters can give you a guarantee for their job which could usually be around 5 years so it is best to assume that your roof will still look good for that period of time.

6. Electrical wires

Have an electrician come over once a year even if there’s no problem with your wirings just to double check. You don’t want to wait for a problem to occur before you have it maintained.

7. Pipes and water system

There could be leaks in pipes or dirt in the water system so it is always best to have a plumber come in at least once a year to check on this too. Sometimes there are pipes located in areas that are not easily visible which need to be checked as well. This could prevent drainage problems and blockages or clogs if you have this regularly maintained.